Central India Scales based in the heart of the country- Nagpur, an ISO -9001-2015 certified company specialized in manufacture, supply, erection, commissioning and service of ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SOLUTIONS for INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS since more than last two decades.

The company was founded by Mr. Harikumar P.A. along with a group of professionals with a cumulative experience in the weighing industry of more than 100 years at that time. Mr. Harikumar himself is an avid technologist who believes that “there is always a better way to do it”. This is reflected in the company’s continuous investment in Research & Development which leads to their products being technologically state-of-the-art at all times.

Our extensive range of Products includes Table Top & Platform Scales, Hanging & Crane Scales, Weigh Bridges, Hopper / Tank / Batch Weighing Systems, Drum / Can Filling Systems, Bag Filling Systems, Check Weighing, Belt-weighers, Weigh Feeders, Weight – Volume Dimensioning Systems, amongst others.

We pride ourselves on our capability in providing customized solutions for automatic batching systems for industries where our systems have been operational for several years. Our weigh-feeders have been satisfactorily working in tough conditions where even most technology providers found it difficult to provide solutions.

Central India Scales relentlessly strives for all-round excellence with respect to Quality by investing heavily in research and development activities. Central India Scales believes in technologically advanced solutions for customers at justifiable investments.