Behind all Central India Scales products, you find the latest technology components and features, resulting are the best Accuracy, Repeatability, Stability, and Reliability.

The LOW POWER CONSUMPTION of our products guarantees a minimum of 24 hours of battery backup with a 6V/4AH battery Calibration through the keypad on the front panel ensures easy adjustment of ZERO, TARE, and SPAN.


The advanced high-quality loadcells used by us are designed to meet the most demanding industrial measurement applications. Some of these features are: –

Wide range from 450 grams to 80,000 kgs.

Low deflection- good for shock and impact loading.

Potential free relay contact.

Compact size.

Excellent linearity and thermal stability.

Immunity to side loads and eccentric loading.

IP67 and IP68 protection, suitable for wash-down applications.

Peak Hold/Batch Count/multi-component.

Higher sensitivity (up to 3mV/V) allows better resolutions and ensures low signal pick-up.

Standardized output – easy site calibration.


Signal conditioners with 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V output

Indicator with 13 mm and 25 mm height displays (3 ½ and 4 ½ digits)

RS232C / RS485 / potential free relay / current / voltage.

Printer Interface

Programmable display units with the facility to:

Set HI / LO / Extraction Value

Peak hold/count batch multi-component

Batch weighing with in-flight correction

Zero margin setting